In our work together, the best magic* happens when I become a partner in your evolving process of personal healing and growth. In choosing to work with me, you allow me into your internal world — of hopes and fears, desires and aversions, habits, conflicts, and traumas both ancient and new. I have skills and expertise developed over many years, but I see myself as a fellow-traveler on the journey to self-knowledge, and my role with you is to observe, comment, encourage, and challenge you to realize your personal development goals.

* It is like magic when a changed perspective suddenly opens up new possibilities, hope and confidence.

Barbara Wegener, MA, MDiv, LPC

Treatment Methods

Spiritual Foundations

At Shadow Lantern Counseling, our work is rooted in an understanding of the spiritual nature of all beings and our interconnectedness with all life. The symptoms that bring people into counseling often indicate a lack of internal or external connection and harmony. We work with clients to repair and restore the connections that are essential to personal wholeness and meaningful relationships.

We provide a safe setting for healing of religious trauma, and encourage clients of all backgrounds to explore and develop their spiritual grounding.

In-person and Virtual Sessions Available

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